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Doctor Doom’s Presidential Campaign!

It looks like Doctor Doom is running, too! Here’s his campaign message! “How well do you really know Hulk? Does he have a cool metal exoskeleton? Does he wear a green cape? Does his name rhyme with Locked-her Room? And … Continue reading

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Vote for Hulk!

Hey, Super-folders! American Presidential Elections are coming up, and Hulk decided to run!

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Paper Plane Predicament

Yesterday, I was walking around a car dealership, searching for paper. After finding some, I began working on Novagami, the Paper Rocket! But, it failed. So, I began squishing the nose as I folded the plane some more, until the … Continue reading

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“I say thee, YAY!”

Hello, my mighty Mjolnir-lovers! I think I may begin working on Thor-igami, Mjolnir and all! Now, before the creation of this blog, I imagined making a blog called Thorigami, which would include its namesake! That blog eventually became Marvel Origami! … Continue reading

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My trip to the State Fair!

Today I went to my state’s State Fair. I had a blast! I ate a deep-fried Milky Way Bar, which is a food only Hulk and Thing could have a taste for. (Well, maybe not Thing. He likes corn on … Continue reading

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The Invincible Armored Iron Plane!

Hey Super-folders! Sunday, August 19th is National Aviation Day! So… maybe design some paper planes for your origami heroes! Send pictures of them to dturn180@msn.comĀ and I’ll gladly post them!

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My Lizard!

Here is my Lizard finger puppet, similar to the one that I made in Chicago.

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