Part 2: Shred Skull’s Revenge

Wed Skuww

By Zack

“Pewww! Pew-pew! My Amewican fwisbee is indestwuctible!”

My little brother, Mark, had been watching Avengers: Earth’s Mightiest Heroes over and over again and now wanted to show me his new “fwisbee moves.”

“Not so fast, Wed Skuww!” he said, then threw the frisbee over our fence. “Can you get that, Zacky Barnes? Amewica needs you!”

How does he even know about Bucky? I will never let him watch another Marvel show again.

Then, I heard a yell. “Yowww! What’d you do that for!”

I stepped outside the fence and saw once person that I’d rather not have seen. On his finger was an origami person with a bright red head.

“Jerry?” I exclaimed!

“It’s Wed Skuww! Cool!” Mark said. I stared at Jerry in horror. Jerry is the only one that could use my hobbies against me. I had a feeling that everything would go downhill from here.


3 Responses to Part 2: Shred Skull’s Revenge

  1. Wed Skuww is weawwy awesome!

  2. sf joe says:

    awsome stuff i have a captain america design that you could put up here first we fold over one side of the paper and then the other then fold down the head and fold it back up snd fold the mouth spot down a centimeter then fold the head back down then you have captain origamica.

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