Paper Plane Predicament

Yesterday, I was walking around a car dealership, searching for paper. After finding some, I began working on Novagami, the Paper Rocket! But, it failed. So, I began squishing the nose as I folded the plane some more, until the nose pointed straight down and I had possibly the coolest paper airplane I had ever made! (But, it was no longer Novagami. I’ll work on that later.)

Throw it hard, it does barrel rolls. If it hits something, it’ll bounce off. If it doesn’t hit anything, it tends to nosedive, but it was still an amazing plane!

Then, I spied a giant vent that extended from the ceiling. Whenever I flew my plane near it, it swerved quickly. I kept flying the plane near the vent, and it kept doing stunts. Until…

It got caught on the underside of the vent where it sucks the air in. I tried to get it down, but I couldn’t. But, this accident inspired my newest mini Marvel doodle!

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7 Responses to Paper Plane Predicament

  1. OrigamiRiley says:

    That is really funny and cool!!!

  2. capone7 says:

    did you get in trouble and dt you should email toand ask him to put marvel origami on the blog roll you might get more visitors

  3. starwarsfolder12 says:


  4. hanselsblog says:

    This is funny! You should try folding the plane again and then colour it to make it look like nova.

  5. stooky! did you get in trouble?

  6. SF Awesome Man says:


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