“I say thee, YAY!”

Hello, my mighty Mjolnir-lovers! I think I may begin working on Thor-igami, Mjolnir and all!

Now, before the creation of this blog, I imagined making a blog called Thorigami, which would include its namesake! That blog eventually became Marvel Origami! So, when I do make him, I think I might give him the spotlight that he so craves and make this blog about him for a week or two!

There may be villains, instructions, and I will probably change the logo in his honor!

Check back often for details, and please tell me your ideas! I need all the help I can get!

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8 Responses to “I say thee, YAY!”

  1. I’m thinking of having Thorigami on HulkTalk that week.

  2. hanselsblog says:

    Thor hammer instrux!

  3. SuperFolder JC says:

    The EnchantresSHRED!!

  4. capone7 says:

    power puff girls!
    and maybe oridin (kidding on the power puff girls)

  5. SuperFolder JC says:

    BTW I believe I created the name “Thorigami”.

  6. SuperFolder JC says:

    On the OYEU, when I made the concept of OrigAvengers

  7. Yodamaster says:

    So your working on UNSC SPARTAN MJOLNIR armor for the Covenant and human war?

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