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My Marvel Miis!

Here are some Miis that I made on the Wii. I found the instructions on the internet, and you can find similar instructions are on YouTube. Advertisements

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Hulkmania 2012 is over!

I hope you guys had fun! I had a friend over for the weekend, so I did not post much then. But, we did see┬áThe Amazing Spider-man (it was my second time) and there may be a certain reptilian creature … Continue reading

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Hulk Funnies 2.0!

Here are some Hulk doodles I did on Paint!

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What will happen?

So, you’ve heard some of Zack’s crazy life in Captain Origamica Book III. What do you think will happen next? What do you want to happen? Why is the superintendent named Stan Lee? Will the duck say anything other than, … Continue reading

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Captain Origamica Update

New chapter is up. The story is nearing the end! And, it’ll feature some special monsters! (And one is red.)

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Iron Man: Armored Adventures

The season finale of Iron Man: Armored Adventures is premiering tonight! And, it’s featuring… GRAY HULK! So, check your TV guide for the time!

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SF Hansel’s Folders and Marvel Legos!

Now, I really want Lego Nick Fury! And, here is his book cover for The Folders!

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