Captain Origamica V: Upgrade

Well, SFs, this is what I have so far. I hope you enjoy it!


By Zack

“Try fighting me through this force field!” The Invisible Woman yelled. Captain Origamica bashed the field with his shield, but it had no effect. It was too strong.

“It’s crumpling time!” the Thing roared, and pounded Iron Fold until his armor was riddled with dents.

“Immense knowledge of anatomy and physics, don’t fail me now!” Iron Fold said. “I’m going for the knuckle!”

All around the room, kids and teachers were engaged in fierce thumb wars, each fighter armed with an origami hero. Holding the Invisible Woman was the social studies teacher, Ms. Gretchen. The Thing was on the finger of the history teacher, Mr. Malcolm; a new kid had Iron Fold; and I, of course, was using Captain Origamica.

Suddenly, Ms. Watson stormed into the room, seeming more furious than usual. “Ms. Gretchen, shouldn’t your students be doing their work?” she asked.

“They finished it all,” Ms. Gretchen replied.

“Then shouldn’t you be doing something more academic?” she questioned.

All eyes turned to Ms. Gretchen. “We just finished a unit on Japanese history. The art teacher though we could incorporate that in art. The teachers unanimously decided we could do something fun with it.”

Obviously having nothing else to say to that, Ms. Watson turned to the students.

“Attention, students,” Ms. Watson boomed. “Since I have been unable to convince the superintendent that your paper monstrosities are horrible creations, I will take matters into my own hands. If I find any of your origami, it will be immediately destroyed.”

DT, Tyler, and I stared at each other in horror.

“We’ll see about that,” a familiar voice said quietly. I turned around to see Jerry with a half-folded piece of paper in his hands and a mischievous look on his face. So far, it only looked like a triangle.

“That will be all,” Ms. Watson said and exited the room.

“For the record, Zack,” Ms. Gretchen said, “I won.”

I chuckled, then went over to the kid holding Iron Fold.

“Great job,” I said. “I haven’t seen fighting like that since, well, ever.”

“Thanks,” he replied. “I’m Alexander.”

“I’m Zack,” I said, “and this is Captain Origamica.”

Alexander stared at Cap. with slight disgust. “Looks like he took a beating.”

“Well, he-”

“Dude, if I may, villains are getting stronger, the world is getting tougher, and Cap. isn’t strong enough to handle it all,” Alexander said. “You’ve got the heart, now you need the strength. With your strategy and my modifications, Captain Origamica could be unstoppable.”

“He’s just origami, though,” I replied.

“True, if that’s how you use him. He is nothing more than a scrap of paper, then. But he could be more. He could be a symbol of good; a force for justice. He could be INVINCIBLE. Let me have him tonight.”

“What do you plan on doing to him?” I snapped. No one talks that way about Cap.

“I just want to complement his iron will,” he said.

Reluctantly, I handed him Cap. “Take care of him.””

“I will,” he said, then he handed me a slip of paper. “Meet me at this address tomorrow. You can get Cap. back then.”


By Zack

I walked to the address Alexander gave me, 1922 Quesada Drive. The door was unlocked, so I simply walked in.

Alexander was sitting in his living room waiting for me.

“Zack,” he said, “I present to you a suit of armor sculpted from an alloy with malleability and conductibility rivaled only by Iron Man’s gold-titanium alloy. This suit will protect Cap. from all sorts of threats.”

Alexander pulled from a silver shoe box his new origami suit of armor. Captain Origamica sat inside. His mask was like Iron Fold, but it was silver. It had Cap’s color scheme, but it did look very similar to Iron Fold. Upon his helmet was a silver that shone as Alexander placed his finger inside.

“It’s just aluminum foil,” I remarked, feeling underwhelmed.

“Well, aluminum foil reinforced with cardstock, but that’s beside the point. Turn out the lights.”

I flipped the lightswitch and stared at Cap. His suit was glowing.

“Darkness-sensing illumination apparatus. Perfect for night missions. Alexander Tech.”

“Isn’t that just glow-in-the-dark paint?” I asked.

“Ummm… Please hold all questions until the end of the presentation,” Alexander said nervously.

“Okay, I’m impressed,” I said.

“Wait, I almost forgot about your shield!” said Alexander excitedly, then he pulled a small piece of folded aluminum foil from the shoe box. It had been colored to match the old shield. Alexander tossed it to me.

“Still flies nicely,” I said, but before I could closely examine it, Alexander yelled, “Let’s test it!” and threw a handfull of paperclips at me. Confused and surprised, I tossed the shield at the flying mass of paperclips. They jerked toward the shield and adhered to it as it sailed through the air.

“Thin internal magnets. They’re also in Cap’s suit, so if the shield is within range, it will pull toward him. Alexander Tech.”

“Like refrigerator magnets?” I asked.

Alexander sighed. “Yes, they’re refrigerator magnets,” he said. “Don’t tell anyone.”

“Awesome,” I said.

“Now, Zack, are you ready to save Ms. Watson?” Alexander questioned passionately.

“Save her?” I asked. “Why save her? She hates me! And origami! And polar bears!”

“Polar bears?” Alexander asked with one eyebrow raised.

“I saw her put a plastic bottle in the garbage can! She is trying to increase global warming!” I said defensively.

“You saw what Jerry was folding, right?”

“It was some sort of odd pyramid, right?”

Alexander turned to his laptop. On the screen were origami instructions for folding a waterbomb.

“The pyramid that you spoke of,” he began, “is the waterbomb base. But one could deduce from the way he was folding it that it would be an altered form.” From the shoe box, he then pulled out blueprints of an origami creation so fiendish that even his name tells of his immense villainy. I knew the menace well, at least from the comics.

“Doctor Doom?” I asked.

“Wrong,” Alexander replied. “WaterDoom.”

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  1. Noah says:

    This is awesome DT!

  2. Awesome Man says:

    Can not wait for the rest.

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  4. LTROCKS says:

    That was… AWESOME!!! More please! 🙂

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