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My LEGO War Machine

I customized a LEGO minifigure so that it looks like War Machine. It took a while to get it just right (and a steady hand with a Sharpie) but I am satisfied with the results. Advertisements

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The League of Incredible Vegetables!

As a VeggieTales fan, I was very excited to see the newest addition to the Larry-Boy movies, The League of Incredible Vegetables! Bob the Tomato is finally a superhero! And as an added bonus, the Newsboys sing the theme for … Continue reading

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My Hawkeye Bow!

I was watching the Avengers over and over, amazed at Hawkeye’s archery action! My dad said he used to make bows and arrows out of wire hangers when we was a kid, and he showed me how. He put it … Continue reading

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Captain Origamica III finished!

Super-folders, the day has come! Super-folder Hansel sent in the winning entry and it is up right now! Super-folder Malcolm, e-mail me at if you want to get writing now! By the way, I may not be on the … Continue reading

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THOR: Movie Review

Honestly, the Avengers was truly my introduction to the world of Marvel. It was actually just recently that I watched Thor. But, I loved it! It’s amazing how all of the movies tie into the Avengers somehow. If you watch … Continue reading

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