Contest Winner!

Congratulations, Super-folder Malcolm! Tell me what you want Captain Origamica 4 to be about in the comments! (Or in an e-mail, if you want to keep it a secret.)

I wasn’t posting much over the past few days because I was in Chicago. And, I went out to eat at a restaurant called Jedi’s Garden! (I was hoping I would see characters from the Mos Eisley Cantina inside. Oh, well.)

Back at the hotel there, I grabbed a piece of paper and began working on a prototype for the Lizard, which I could post later.

Well, I hope to post more now that I’m back!

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3 Responses to Contest Winner!

  1. starwarsfolder12 says:

    ok, what we’re gonna do is end the series off with a bang.
    however, CO 4 should end it and i do a aftermath.
    sound good, DT?
    PS:Can’t wait to see your Lizard prototype!
    PPS:i have the first two chapters from my head and here they are:

    Cap’s Funeral

    by Zack

    After Ms. Watson confronted us, I headed home.

    when I got to the lawn, I took out Cap’s remains, called DT and Tyler,
    and then, we buried Cap.

    After some time, we noticed something.

    DT was gone! We looked for him. Then something weird and wonderful happened….

    The weird and wonderful thing that happened

    by Zack

    DT came back holding…………….The Uncrumpable Hulk!

    Then someone came running to us.” Hi i’m Malcolm” he said.
    “Malcolm folded Hulk and gave it to me” said DT.

    “and i brought a couple of friends….” said Malcolm.
    “OK, GUYS!” he yelled.

    Then at least ten to fifteen kids came running to us.

    ” DT ,Tyler ,Zack , Meet F.O.L.D” said Malcolm.

    alright, lets do this!
    by the way, is it okay if I become a character in this story?

  2. Oh my god thats oak lawn & you stayed at the hilton hotel & my dad works at jedis with my cousin wooooooooooooooow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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