The League of Incredible Vegetables!

As a VeggieTales fan, I was very excited to see the newest addition to the Larry-Boy movies, The League of Incredible Vegetables! Bob the Tomato is finally a superhero! And as an added bonus, the Newsboys sing the theme for it! It’s more DC than Marvel (Larry-Boy is very much like Batman), but it should please fans of both!

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9 Responses to The League of Incredible Vegetables!

  1. YEAH!!!!! Dude, I bought every LarryBoy film to date, including the cartoons, Fib, Rumor Weed, Bad Apple, AND The League of Incredible Vegetables!

    Personally, I thought this was much more like The Avengers than it was about the Justice League, but everyone has a preference! By the way, for any VeggieTales/LarryBoy fans, please look at my LarryBoy Wiki for awesome LB info!!!

  2. They’re UN-SHTOPPIBLE!! UN-FLEEEEZABLE! AND seriously, doesn’t anybody believe in seat belts!?

  3. *In Batman voice*
    The jig is up- cough! Wait a second- cough cough!
    THE JIG IS— *clears throat*
    *In LarryBoy voice*
    That’s better! THE JIG IS UP, BIRD BRAINS!!!

  4. SuperFolder JC says:

    Really?! Larry-Boy would just team up with Batman. They would never be enemies!
    I mean, check out this video!

  5. capone7 says:

    larryboy would destroy batman!!!!!!
    does batman have super plunger ears i didnt think so!!!!

    • SuperFolder JC says:

      No it’s NOT!!!! >:(|

      I like LarryBoy more than Batman, though I am a big Batman fan, but I like LB better! He has a super awesome super suit, a wicked ride (two now, actually), plunger-ears, and he fights for God! šŸ™‚

    • SuperFolder JC says:

      YEAH!!! Go Capone7!!!


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