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Let’s look back at 2012, shall we?

Dr. Doom’s Doombots put together a formal report. Or so they told me. (I just found out that they took credit for what the guys at WordPress did.) Here’s an excerpt: 4,329 films were submitted to the 2012 Cannes Film … Continue reading

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Want more Cap. 4?

Malcolm is on a roll! Check out the new chapters!

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Marvel: Origamified!

I have a habit of sort of folding my origami models in my head first. So, I actually wrote the instructions for Captain Origamica (but didn’t save them) and now I need to make the model. Can’t wait to post … Continue reading

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New chapters up!

Malcolm wrote some new chapters for CO4! Check them out!

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Want to show your Marvel Origami spirit?

Print this cool sign! I wonder if I can get it on a t-shirt…

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If any of you have been snooping around the site carefully, you may know that Malcolm had posted the first two chapters of Captain Origamica 4 in the comments page of a certain post. Now, it gives me great pleasure … Continue reading

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The Vault

I have a drawer full of origami, some Marvel, some Star Wars, some even Avatar: the Last Airbender. Some you have seen, many you have not. I am now calling it THE VAULT. Many characters in there did not make … Continue reading

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