Coming This Summer!

Yo, Super-folders! Are you guys still out there? Well, I have returned for an announcement!

Well, I have had many things going on, but I will be able to manage the blog during summer break! So, if you want more Marvel Origami, make sure you get e-mails warning you of new posts.

By the way, look who is also coming to Marvel Origami!


And besides instructions to make him, Cap. has a special surprise (that I could easily work into a new Captain Origamica book)!

So, Super-folders, watch the new season of Ultimate Spider-man, wait for the upcoming Marvel movies, and the new blog will be here before you know it!

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10 Responses to Coming This Summer!

  1. THANK YOU!!!!!! I MISSED YOU!!!!

  2. I told you I was coming back!

  3. I can’t wait to reveal the surprise!

  4. SF EthanC says:

    I Know how to fold that

  5. Yodamaster says:

    Awesome! Also, I actally got my hands on some iron man 3 stuff before the street date. I did have to go out of state for it, but i did get it. You can find it all now in walmart, target, toys r us, and other retailers of marvel products. I reccomend the sonic blaster iron man, and the arc strike iron man/ iron patriot. These are the best of the line in my mind, but there’s some other grest stuff coming from Hasbro in the fall. Look up iron man 3 toy fair 2013 to see everything coming. BTW, ADAM WEST BATMAN IS GETTING A TOYLINE THIS JULY!!!!!!!!!!! AND HE’S COMING TO RI COMIC CON IN NOVEMBER! I AM SOOOO EXCITED!!!!!!!!!

  6. SuperfolderYoda@origamiyodaclubawesomeness says:

    will you be posting spring break

  7. sfhansel says:

    DT how do you add categories under the page? Like in the Captain Origamica page?

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