Marvel: Origamified!

I have a habit of sort of folding my origami models in my head first. So, I actually wrote the instructions for Captain Origamica (but didn’t save them) and now I need to make the model. Can’t wait to post it!

Speaking of Captain Origamica, I was watching Captain America last night (Totally vibranium movie. Now I understand Iron Man 2!) and my mind was mostly thinking of puns and parodies. It hit me like a vibranium-adamantium alloy: what if I spoofed – I mean origamified it? Another idea for the YouTube channel. Tell me what you think!

By the way, I’m going to start saying “totally vibranium.” Maybe it’ll catch on!

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6 Responses to Marvel: Origamified!

  1. This.Is.AWESOME IDEA!!!!!!!!

  2. And by awesome, I mean Totally Vibranium!!!!!!

  3. hanselsblog says:

    For youtube idea you can show how to make a origami base like heilcarier or stark tower also caps sheild.

  4. SF EthanC says:

    Hey! Could you please make instrux for origami venom or carnage. PLEASE!

  5. I am actually grteful to the owner of this sjte who has shared this fantastic piece of
    writing at at this place.

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