The Vault

I have a drawer full of origami, some Marvel, some Star Wars, some even Avatar: the Last Airbender. Some you have seen, many you have not. I am now calling it THE VAULT.

Many characters in there did not make it to their final stage. They are somewhat of prototypes. There is even an early origami model of Captain Origamica (from before I wrote the story) and one I began making for Shred Skull!

At a later date, I think I may show you guys exactly what is in the vault. I’ll set it up as a page on the blog. There are so many characters that I wanted to share but didn’t!

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2 Responses to The Vault

  1. I have a BAG FULL of Origami Star Wars characters. if only i could post them……….

  2. SF firk says:

    they are…. …..THE VAULT DWELLERS!

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