If any of you have been snooping around the site carefully, you may know that Malcolm had posted the first two chapters of Captain Origamica 4 in the comments page of a certain post. Now, it gives me great pleasure to formally present them to you! Enjoy!

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  1. new chapters!

    F.O.L.D: The Fantastic Origami Legends Division
    by Tyler

    When Malcolm showed us their base, i was like,WOW. A TREE HOUSE!?!?!?!? But when we went in, it was a secret lab! They had monitered us defeating Shred Skull! “Our main target is Ms.Watson, believe it or not. Shred Hulk is so far rated UNSTOPPABLE. But that’ll change! We want you three to join F.O.L.D.” said Malcolm a.k.a Nick Foldy. We agreed. So now begins the second adventure of the OriAvengers. “OriAvengers, ASSEMBLE!!!!!!” we all cried.

    Tracking Watson
    by Malcolm

    Finally, my own chapter! So, anyways, we were tracking Ms.Watson using our Power Energy Tracker, or P.E.T for short. The P.E.T tracked here to Bucky Barnes Elementary! “Oh no! We’ll be expelled. Or worse, ORIGAMI WILL BE BANNED FROM EVERY SINGLE SCHOOL IN THE WORLD!!!!!” yelled Zack. “Then we’ll stop her” I said confidently. F.O.L.D was in. we had commenced Operation: Save Origami.

    Operation: Save Origami [split into three parts]

    Part 1 coming soon!

    Note: Always look here for NEW chapters and on Captain Origamica IV for previous ones.

  2. Do you want me to post these now or save them for a special day?

  3. I think I may keep it here…

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