Story Stubs: Stuff I Didn’t Finish

There have been a few stories that I began working on. Should I finish them?

This one was going to be from the Black Paper’s point of view. I was going to write it about a meteor shower and make sure it would feature the phrase, “Next time you call for a towtruck, don’t leave your chairs with the lemurs.”

Vomit Comet


I hate meteor showers. Back in Wakanda, one landed in our village. (It didn’t do any damage, though, since we reinforced everything with vibranium.) …

This next one was, like Captain Origamica, going to follow another middle school Avenger.

The Uncrumplable Hulk: Man and Monster

Middle school. One of the world’s most treacherous places, where anything can happen. But I just want to be left alone!

You see, this kinda began before the monster. It really began with my dad.

My dad’s a travel writer, so he’s always flying around the world, and I don’t get to see him much. He was about to fly to China, so the day before he left, him and I spent some time together. I was showing him how…

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7 Responses to Story Stubs: Stuff I Didn’t Finish

  1. SuperFolder JC says:

    (PS Really sad Marvel news….. Spider-Man is no longer Peter Parker! Check out AMAZING SM 700!)

  2. Super-folder DT says:

    I was just arguing with my dad about that…
    He said that they would not do that to a “main” character. “But, what about Ant-Man?” I rebutted. “Hank Pym gave his suit to Scott Lang, then became Yellowjacket!”

    • SuperFolder JC says:

      Exactly! But, it’s just…. So SAD!!! 😦
      I mean, Peter is all happy and healthy, and then Doc Ock has to mind-swap him! I mean, I think being put in the body of an old dying dude would stink! And so, Peter dies AS DOC OCK?!? WHY?!?

      Anyway, yeah, I guess Ant Man makes sense, but then again, even his own wife was Yellowjacket at one time!

      Well, thanks for being one of the few to understand my comic book fandom!

      PS Can you please do a quick “RIP Spider-Man/Spider-Fold” post? I mean, this is a pretty big deal! (Then again, Captain America died in 2007, and came back like half a year later, so…..maybe Peter will live?)

  3. This is scary…
    (But there is a pun here somewhere)

  4. Then why dose peter have a dahater?

  5. R.I.P
    Peter Parker
    Issue 1-Issue 700

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