Plans for 2013!

As we celebrate the New Year, here is what I am hoping to have happen for 2013:

I want to have a YouTube channel, where I take your requests and make instructions! Also, I will post my stop-motion animation tests!

I will also have many more contests and stories. What do you guys think I should write about?

Oh, and there will be many more parties, including one for Stan Lee’s birthday! Is there any certain character we should celebrate?

Also, should we keep HulkTalk on the website?

Post your ideas in the comments NOW. Between Christmas and New Year’s Eve, I will set up a poll with your ideas. I need to know!

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7 Responses to Plans for 2013!

  1. Yes, yes, and yes. I think we should celebrate the anniversary of the first Captain America comic, and the anniversary of the first Iron Man comic. Also, we should DEFINETLY have Hulkmania 2013!!!! This year, it was awesome! Next year, should I join the site? Because I can help write the Black Paper story and The Uncrumpable Hulk: Man or Monster. Yes, keep Hulktalk. I got a few ideas……

  2. Yodamaster says:

    I think spider man should be a specific because he’s the most popular, even though I like Iron Man better, Spidey seems more appropriate for Lee’s B- Day!

  3. Yodamaster says:

    Also, here’s another idea, we should hae something commemorating all the new ovies like Iron Man 3, and Ant Man next year. Maybe a model or site theme for each?

  4. i could help advertise on my blog!
    By the way, new story has something to do with Paper Mario. Because the story’s called Paper Mario’s guide to folding Mario characters. Includes Origami Peach, Luigigami, OriGoomba’s, Koopa Troopaper’s, and more! Yes this does include Bowser, but he’s called Bowserigami. Toad’s are in it as well. They’re called Origami Toad’s.

    Etc, etc, etc…..

    I got a lot of work to do…………
    but first i gotta find out how to fold them!

  5. hanselsblog says:

    You should keep doing halkyalk and I like starwarsfolder12’s idea for hulkmania 2013. Also I like you to do a youtube chanal. And make a book for captain origamica like JC did with all of the stories in the EU. And you can add instrux and drawings to the story!

  6. darthnoah says:

    Yeah. All of these are good ideas. Could help wit some of the stories?

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