What will happen?

So, you’ve heard some of Zack’s crazy life in Captain Origamica Book III. What do you think will happen next? What do you want to happen? Why is the superintendent named Stan Lee? Will the duck say anything other than, “Got any grapes?”

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6 Responses to What will happen?

  1. hanselsblog says:

    You got “got any grapes” from forrestfire101.Real funny.Spider-man makes MJ tell them the truth.

  2. starwarsfolder12 says:

    i know why the superintendent is named Stan Lee!
    he helped make Captian America and many other Marvel comics!!

  3. starwarsfolder12 says:

    by the way,DT
    i won’t be on for a while.
    i’m in a tuxedo right now cause i’ve gotta go to a wedding

  4. SuperFolder JC says:

    Um… Shred Hulk must battle Origami Hulk, wielded by DT or Tayler, and a new Origami SuperHero rises? Also Captain Origamica is re-folded?

  5. ok it took a long time but NOW i know why Larry is called Steve!!
    he’s Steve Rogers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    or is he…….?

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