Hawkeye’s Extreme Marksman Challenge

Hey, guys. Hawkeye here.

So, many of you have hired new recruits. Now it’s time for training. I decided to make a little contest out of it.

Make a video of yourself throwing a paper airplane at an origami villain. Do your most creative moves, but absolutely NO EDITING TO MAKE IT SEEM LIKE YOU HIT IT. You may use whatever kind of paper airplane you like. (Actually, you may have a better chance of winning if you use a stunt-type plane. If you can hit a target with that, you have amazing targeting skills.)

Send the videos to dturn180@msn.com. The winner gets Spidey instrux. The deadline is Tuesday, June 19th.

Happy training!

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9 Responses to Hawkeye’s Extreme Marksman Challenge

  1. Hawkeye,I,Superfolder Malcolm,accept your challenge!

  2. Wolverine doesn’t have a challenge?
    Ooh! i got an idea!
    have you made any stories, and can you help me with my storys??
    it would really help!

  3. I got your video, Malcolm. It just won’t let me post it. But it was cool!

  4. hanselsblog says:

    I already know how to make a origami spider-man.

  5. agent 7 says:

    can i do a plane hitting hulk like in the movie instead of a bad guy
    target angry!!!!!

  6. 4 days left.
    can you give me a list of who entered,just so i know who i’m going up against.

  7. HulkTalk is not going well now.

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