Behold the party of WaterDoom!

Super-folders, today will be a great day!

The guys at F.O.L.D. will pick a winner today, but it isn’t yet 12:00, so send in your logos quick!

Also, there is someone new joining HulkTalk: Dr. Doom hacked into the F.O.L.D. database in order to gain some fans! Before Nick Foldy shuts him out, you can get a chance to talk to him?

Oh, and I folded him in a similar way to a waterbomb, so I am calling him “WaterDoom!” (Or is he a Doctorbomb?)

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15 Responses to Behold the party of WaterDoom!

  1. Ooooh!
    so will L.O.A.F. L.O.A.F works with F.O.L.D to help make
    heroes and villians in the Marvel Origami Universe.
    Lots Of Awesome Folders

  2. want to join???
    go to
    and go to the new L.O.A.F Agency Page!!!

  3. Correction:it’s
    try that!
    THEN join L.O.A.F!!!

  4. want to make me a admin or something??
    cause i love this site! don’t have to, but if you want,go ahead

  5. I think for now, it will be just me doing the site. But I may have you as an administrator as the site grows!

  6. I figured out how to fold him

  7. sorry i dont think dt would like it

  8. Thanks, Nickthebadger. Actually, you can make instrux and send them to I probably won’t make any.

  9. wait. did i do the head right?

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