Let the party begin!

The party officially starts now! Join us at HulkTalk to talk to the Uncrumplable Hulk, Nick Foldy, Iron Fist, or, beginning now…

THE THING! (With Hulk and the Thing in one room, there may be some sort of fight. Or rap battle.)

Remember to send in origami agents and get a certificate!

Anything can happen while you guys are here!

Also… WE JUST HAD OUR 2000th VIEW!

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6 Responses to Let the party begin!

  1. Thank you! It couldn’t have been done without you guys! Thanks for the support!

  2. @ndrew says:

    Cool, aloha!

  3. Hey, @ndrew! Have you talked to Nick Foldy, The Hulk, Iron Fist, or the Thing?

  4. Go on HulkTalk and you will!

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