A message from Nick Foldy…

Hey Super-folders. Director Foldy here.

Agent DT tells me that you guys are the greatest in the world at origami. Well, I need you guys to fold new recruits for F.O.L.D., the Fantastic Origami Legends Division. Send in pics of your recruits. Agent and Super-folder Malcolm already got started on this urgent mission.

Also, our creative department needs ideas for a logo. Send in your F.O.L.D. logo designs. They’ll pick their favorite, which will become the official logo of F.O.L.D.

Thank you, and keep up the good work, Super-folders! The fate of the world is in your hands!

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10 Responses to A message from Nick Foldy…

  1. i will put mine in comment style

    [ ]
    saving our world
    one fold at a time
    [ ]

  2. Ugh.That was NOT was i had in mind

    This is what i DID



    the OTHER one is so messed up.
    I didn’t even type it that way!

  3. Nick Foldy loves it!

  4. how to make an agent

    step 1:Fold an Peyton100 luke
    step 2:Decorate and send on missions!

  5. How to make Agent Y

    step 1:Fold an E-Z yoda
    step 2:Fold top down
    step 3:Decorate!!

  6. can you make an origami iron patriot???
    that would be cool!

  7. this just in:I have made Iron Patriot!!!!

    what should he be called?

    coming up next from Marvel Origami Company:
    Venom[yet again,maybe]
    Batman[i don’t know]

    and many more!

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