What do you want to see next?

Superfolders, what Marvel characters do you want to see origami-fied next? Tell me in the comments.

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18 Responses to What do you want to see next?

  1. SuperFolder JC says:

    Oooh! what about a Doc Ock, WITHOUT using tape, scissors, or extra paper!
    or the Origami Infinity Gauntlet!

  2. Mister E says:

    Iron Man!!!!

  3. I am working on a captain amercia

  4. origamiluke100 says:

    spider man

  5. sf Jacob says:

    Thor and Iron Man!

  6. sf firk says:

    Iorn man would be cool.

  7. Yodamaster says:

    IRON MAN MARK VII!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. I was thinking of doing a Doc Ock, but I’m not sure how to do it without extra paper. I do have an idea though…

  9. Yodamaster says:

    Guys, you can’t just say Iron Man! There’s multiple Iron Man armors. He could make the mark I and you guys probabley wouldn’t know what the heck it was unless it was labeled.

  10. if you watch super hero squad the infinity sword

  11. Yodamaster says:

    Guys, thhe comic book series event of the year is out!! MARVEL: Avengers V.S. X- Men!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!AVENGERS SHALL WIN!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. I sure hope so. Or else Wolverine will be rubbing it in Iron Man’s face for the next millenium

  13. Wolverine says:
    Awww, did I make a wittle scwatch in da wittle Iron Man awmor with my big scawy claws!

  14. hanselsblog says:

    X-men and the children of the avengers

  15. Iron Lad says:

    The Fantastic 4

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